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Updated 02/16/2015

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Show Episode Title Character Air Date
Shameless Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher) Alibi Bar Regular 04/05/2015
Shameless Drugs Actually Alibi Bar Regular 03/29/2015
Shameless South Side Rules Alibi Bar Regular 03/22/2015
Shameless Carl's First Sentencing Alibi Bar Regular 03/15/2015
Shameless Uncle Carl Alibi Bar Regular 03/08/2015
Shameless Tell Me You Fucking Need Me Alibi Bar Regular 03/01/2015
Last Man Standing Kyle's Friend Kyle's Friend Dave 02/27/2015
The EXES ? Lutz Family Member #1 02/25/2015
Shameless Crazy Love Alibi Bar Regular 02/15/2015
Shameless Rite Of Passage Alibi Bar Regular 02/08/2015
Shameless A Night To Remem… Wait-What? Alibi Bar Regular 02/01/2015
Shameless The Two Lisas Alibi Bar Regular 01/25/2015
Shameless I'm The Liver Alibi Bar Regular 01/18/2015
Shameless Milk Of The Gods Alibi Bar Regular 01/11/2015
Review Celebrity / Batman Homeless Man 03/27/2014
Surviving Jack Pilot Homeless Man #1 03/27/2014
Shameless A Jailbird-Invalid-Martyr-Cutter-Retard-and Parasitic Twin Alibi Bar Regular 02/23/2014
Shameless Iron City Alibi Bar Regular 02/16/2014
Shameless There's The Rub Alibi Bar Regular 02/09/2014
Shameless Strangers On A Train Alibi Bar Regular 02/02/2014
Shameless Like Father Like Son Alibi Bar Regular 01/26/2014
Raising Hope Hey There Delilah Manson Type Babysiter 01/10/2014
Parenthood It Has To Be Now Biker at Bar 09/26/2013
Ray Donovan Same Exactly Homeless Man 09/22/2013
Sullivan & Son Reunited Homeless Man 08/22/2013
Shameless Survival Of The Fittest Alibi Bar Patron 04/07/2013
Shameless Order Room Service Alibi Bar Patron 03/31/2013
Shameless Civil Wrongs Alibi Bar Patron 03/24/2013
Shameless Frank The Plumber Alibi Bar Patron 02/17/2013
Shameless Where There's a Will Alibi Bar Patron 03/10/2013
Shameless A Long Way From Home Alibi Bar Patron 03/03/2013
Shameless Cascading Failures Alibi Bar Patron 02/24/2013
Shameless The Sins Of My Caretaker Alibi Bar Patron 02/17/2013
Shameless The Helpful Gallaghers Alibi Bar Patron 02/10/2013
Shameless May I Trim Your Hedges? Alibi Bar Patron 01/27/2013
Shameless The American Dream Alibi Bar Patron 01/20/2013
The Mentalist Panama Red Guitarist at Funeral 12/09/2013
The Mentalist Red Sails In The Sunset Tourist On Motorcycle 11/18/2012
Criminal Minds The Fallen The Drifter 11/14/2012
Shameless Just Like The Pilgrims Intended Alibi Bar Patron 03/25/2012
Shameless A Great Cause Alibi Bar Patron 03/18/2012
Shameless Hurricane Monica Alibi Bar Patron 03/11/2012
Shameless Parenthood Alibi Bar Patron 03/04/2012
Shameless A Bottle of Jean Nate Alibi Bar Patron 02/19/2012
Shameless Can I Have A Mother Alibi Bar Patron 02/12/2012
Kickin' It Dude Where's My Sword Biker Friend #2 02/06/2012
Austin & Ally Secrets & Songbooks Man Chewing Beard 12/11/2011
Jessie One Day Wonders Doctor Chang (Biker) 10/28/2011
The Mentalist Like a Redheaded Stepchild Biker in Bar 05/05/2011
N.C.I.S. Baltimore Homeless Man at Fire 05/03/2011
Zeke and Luther Luther Turns 4 Butch (Straight Jacket) 04/18/2011
No Ordinary Family Double Standard Homeless Man 02/08/2011
The Cape Dice 1970's Carnie 01/29/2011
N.C.I.S. False Witness Homeless 12/14/2010
Glory Days Pilot Biker 11/16/2010
Raising Hope The Sniffles Free Clinic Patient 11/09/2010
Scooby-Doo Curse of the Lake Monster Settler #1 10/16/2010
Parenthood Lost and Found Trucker 05/25/2010
24 11:00AM to 12:00PM Homeless Man 05/03/2010
House Knight Fall Medieval Villager 04/19/2010
The Middle The Bee Trucker in Diner 03/03/2010
The Mentalist Black Gold & Red Blood Inmate "Crazy Mike" 10/29/2009
Dollhouse Belonging Mental Patient / Homeless 10/23/2009
Flash Forward Episode 3 Bar Patron 10/08/2009
Monk Mister Monk & the Critic Homeless Man 09/18/2009
My Name Is Earl Dodge's Dad Crab Shack Regular 05/14/2009
My Name Is Earl Inside Probe (Part #2) Crab Shack Regular 05/07/2009
Lie to Me Blinded Prisoner 05/06/2009
My Name Is Earl Inside Probe (Part #1) Crab Shack Regular 04/30/2009
My Name Is Earl Bullies Crab Shack Regular 04/16/2009
My Name Is Earl Pinky Crab Shack Regular 03/26/2009
My Name Is Earl Witch Lady Crab Shack Regular 03/19/2009
My Name Is Earl Chaz Dalton's Space Academy Crab Shack Regular 03/05/2009
Medium A Person Of Interest Donald Wright 02/16/2009
My Name Is Earl Friends With Benefits Crab Shack Regular 02/12/2009
My Name Is Earl Randy's List Item Crab Shack Regular 02/05/2009
My Name Is Earl Darnell Outed (Part #2) Crab Shack Regular 01/22/2009
My Name Is Earl Darnell Outed (Part #1) Crab Shack Regular 01/15/2009
My Name Is Earl Got The Babysitter Pregnant Crab Shack Regular 01/08/2009
My Name Is Earl Orphan Earl Crab Shack Regular 12/11/2008
My Name Is Earl Reading Is A Fundamental Case Crab Shack Regular 12/04/2008
The Unit ? Horse Auction Attendee 11/23/2008
My Name Is Earl Earl & Joy's Anniversary Crab Shack Regular 11/13/2008
The Mentalist Red-Handed Country Musician 11/11/2008
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell Patriot 11/06/2008
My Name Is Earl Sold A Guy A Lemon Car Crab Shack Regular 11/06/2008
My Name Is Earl Little Bad Voodoo Brother Crab Shack Regular 10/30/2008
Privileged All About The Haves And The Have-Nots Boat / Dock Worker 10/28/2008
My Name Is Earl Quit Your Snitchin' Crab Shack Regular 10/23/2008
My Name Is Earl We've Got Spirit Crab Shack Regular / Spectator 10/16/2008
My Name Is Earl Sweet Johnny Crab Shack Regular / Spectator 10/09/2008
My Name Is Earl Stole An RV Crab Shack Regular 10/02/2008
My Name Is Earl Joy In A Bubble Crab Shack Regular 10/02/2008
My Name Is Earl Vote For This And I Promise To Do Something Crazy At The Emmys Crab Shack Regular 09/25/2008
My Name Is Earl The Magic Hour Crab Shack Regular / Smoke Effects 09/25/2008
Sons Of Anarchy Seeds Member Of Bible Study Group 09/17/2008
The Cleaner Here Comes The Boom Prisoner 08/19/2008
Scrubs My Princess  Medieval Townsperson 05/08/2008
My Name Is Earl Girl Earl Crab Shack Regular 05/08/2008
My Name Is Earl Love Octagon Crab Shack Regular 05/01/2008
Women's Murder Club Father's Day Dive Bar Patron 04/29/2008
My Name Is Earl Killerball Crab Shack Regular / Killerball Fan 04/24/2008
My Name Is Earl Stole A Motorcycle Crab Shack Regular 04/10/2008
My Name Is Earl I Won't Die With A Little Help From My Friends Crab Shack Regular 04/03/2008
Miss Guided Pilot Hippie Teacher 03/18/2008
Moonlight Fleur De Lis Medieval Brander 11/23/2007
My Name Is Earl Our Other Cops is On Crab Shack / Trailer Park 11/01/2007
Dexter The Dark Defender Bar Patron 10/28/2007
My Name Is Earl Frank's Girl Crab Shack Regular 10/25/2007
My Name Is Earl Creative Writing Crab Shack Regular 10/18/2007
Journeyman The Year Of The Rabbit San Francisco Resident 10/15/2007
Heroes The Kindness of Strangers Irish Pub Goer 10/15/2007
My Name Is Earl My Name Is Inmate Crab Shack Regular 09/27/2007
Life Pilot Inmate 09/26/2007
Journeyman Pilot Homeless 09/25/2007
Standoff Road Trip Cult Leader Security 06/22/2007
Halfway Home Halfway Innocent Defendant 05/16/2007
My Name Is Earl The Trial Crab Shack Regular 05/10/2007
The Riches Virgin Territory Traveler 04/23/2007
My Name Is Earl Two Balls – Two Strikes Crab Shack Regular 04/19/2007
Andy Barker P.I. The Big No Sleep Dunk Tank Person 04/14/2007
Raines Pilot Seedy Character W/Car 03/15/2007
The Riches Pilot Gypsy in Camp 03/12/2007
Jericho The Day Before  Towns-person 02/21/2007
My Name Is Earl Blows Crab Shack Patron 02/08/2007
Monk Mister Monk is On The Air Fan 02/02/2007
Las Vegas That Chicken Is Making My Back Hurt Homeless 02/02/2007
C.S.I. Meet Market Strip Club Patron 02/01/2007
My Name Is Earl  Foreign Exchange Student Crab Shack Patron 02/01/2007
My Name Is Earl Kept A Guy Locked In A Trunk Crab Shack Patron / Funeral Goer 01/18/2007
C.S.I. Sweet Jane Homeless 01/18/2007
E.R. A House Devided Visitor 01/11/2007
The Class The Class Visits A Bad Neighborhood Homeless 01/08/2007
Las Vegas White Christmas Race Spectator 12/15/2006
Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency Christmas Show Ugly Guy 12/13/2006
Cold Case Forever Blue Perp / Thug 12/03/2006
Jericho Vox Populi Towns-Person 11/29/2006
Shark Love Triangle Prisoner 11/23/2006
C.S.I. N.Y. Sweet Sixteen Perp. 11/22/2006
Jericho Crossroads Towns-Person 11/15/2006
Daybreak Pilot Inmate 11/15/2006
E.R. Reason To Believe Homeless 11/09/2006
My Name Is Earl Mailbox Crab Shack Patron 11/09/2006
Ugly Betty After Hours Biker In Bar 11/09/2006
E.R. Jigsaw Homeless 11/02/2006
Help Me Help You Sasha's Birthday BBQ Knicks Fan 10/24/2006
Crossing Jordan Isolation Homeless 10/18/2006
Jericho The Walls Of Jericho Bar Patron 10/11/2006
Studio 60 The West Coast Delay Homeless 10/09/2006
My Name Is Earl Sticks And Stones Crab Shack Patron 10/05/2006
Jericho Four Horseman Bar Patron 10/04/2006
South Of Nowhere The Funeral Funeral Guest 09/29/2006
E.R. Graduation Day Bystander in Alley 09/28/2006
My Name Is Earl Jump For Joy Crab Shack Patron 09/28/2006
E.R. Bloodline Visitor 09/21/2006
My Name Is Earl Very Bad Things Crab Shack Patron 09/21/2006
Jericho Pilot Trailer Park Person 09/20/2006
Weeds Cooking With Jesus Hippie / Biker 08/21/2006
Monk The Garbage Strike Sanitation Worker 07/14/2006
Desperate Housewives Remember (Parts 1 & 2) Mental Patient 05/21/2006
Invasion The Last Wave Goodbye Homesteader 05/17/2006
Bones The Woman In Limbo Carnie 05/17/2006
E.R. The Galant Hero And The Tragic Victor Visitor 05/11/2006
Invasion Roundup E.B.E. 05/10/2006
Ghost Whisperer The One (Finale) Woods Ghost 05/05/2006
Gilmore Girls Driving Miss Gilmore Blue Collar Bar Patron 05/02/2006
Ghost Whisperer  Free-fall Woods Ghost 04/28/2006
My Name Is Earl Stole A Badge Crab Shack Patron 04/27/2006
C.S.I. New York Run Silent – Run Deep Biker W/Bike 04/19/2006
Gilmore Girls The Real Paul Anka Trucker 04/11/2006
C.S.I. Las Vegas Spellbound Strip Club Patron 04/06/2006
The Shield Postpartum Perp 03/21/2006
My Name Is Earl Dad's Car Crab Shack Patron 03/16/2006
Ghost Whisperer Miss Fortune Carnie 03/10/2006