Dave Lewis Recordings

Dave Lewis is a singer / songwriter who moved to California from Texas in 1971.  He happened to go to Gazzarri’s on the Sunset Strip and saw my band TRAIN.  We went into the studio and recorded a song Dave wrote called Witches Brew.  This is the only known recording with the original members of TRAIN on it.  After that, Dave and Mike Cochrane started recordind together for several years as a studio duo.  Witches Brew was recorded by,
Dave Lewis (Acoustic six string / Vocals / Songwriter)
Mike Cochrane (Les Paul / Acoustic 12 string)
Mike Kirchner (Bass)
Bob Hopkins (Drums)
All other songs:
Dave Lewis (Lead Vocals / Drums / Acoustic 6 string Guitar)
Mike Cochrane (Lead Guitar / Acoustic 6 & 12 string Guitars / Bass / Vocals)
The Album, “Just Mollie And Me” was released in 1976

Witch’s Brew (From The Album, Just Mollie And Me)

Witch’s Brew (Original Studio Mix)

Can’t Say Goodbye (From The Album, Just Mollie And Me)

Can’t Say Goodbye (Original Studio Mix)

Make Me Alive (From The Album, Just Mollie And Me)

Make Me Alive (Original Studio Mix)

You Push Too Hard (From The Album, Just Mollie And Me)

You Push Too Hard (Original Studio Mix)